Mathjax offline for react native - react-native

I am making an educational application and need to display math formulas in offline. On android I already know how to do this but on the react-native, that way doesn't work. Almost no mathjax support library for native react. Except for this library: mathjax for react native. And it only supports online. Can someone help me with this?


How do we use iOS bit code support with React Native?

We are using React Native for a feature in an existing iOS app. We would like to use iOS app thinning and bit code support to keep the download size down. The React Native libraries don’t seem to support compilation of bit code. Has anyone had success with this approach? Is it on the ReactNative RoadMap?

Any documentation about pure React Native without using EXPO?

I want to learn React Native but, without using EXPO
Why do i not using EXPO? (source: Youtube Channel "McAbout Digital")
Lack of support for geolocation
No support for Payment API
Slow image rendering
Limited access to Firebase setting
Advanced animation support
Wherever i google about React Native the EXPO is always there too.
I'm looking for pure react native documentation/tutorial
Apart from project setup almost everything is same in the docs for both versions,
but if you are looking for a good tutorial series you can start learning by
UDEMY - React Native Practical Guid which is a paid course but worth it.

React and JavaScript

Do we need to fully know JavaScript to study react
And what all programming languages do we need to know before learning react,
And how to proceed to react native,
Do we need to learn any other native programming language to use react native?
You don't need to know fully javascript to study react native, probably you will need to understand about the basics of iOS(basically pods and Xcode) and Android(gradle and android studio and probably understanding of java).
I haven't use Reactjs, react native is my first touch with the React library. so I will use my personal experience to explain what I just said.
When I started with mobile development (I haven't touched anything about Desktop development or Web development), I started with iOS, and after that a moved to android, and after that, in my first job, I moved to react native. With ios and Android I learned how those platforms work, but not so much about coding.
When I moved to react native I didn't know anything about javascript, I took one course in Udemy, but that was basically what you can find on w3school. I took another course for React Native where I learned how to setup the project. After that, it was just about time making projects and reading the documentation.
You can start without knowledge of the native programming languages, but as you go deeper in React Native, you will realize that you will need to know about the native. But, it is not necessary for staring with React Native.

In React Native, what would be the preferred way to play audio streams?

The HTML audio player API is the best way I've found in Cordova, i.e. not using any plugins, just emerging-standard Web technology.
Is there a polyfill for audio playing in React Native, or is there planned to be?
Not at this moment, but React Native already has some polyfills and I would expect it will be added later because React Native is quite new technology.
If you need it now I would suggest using the plugin from Cordova and migrate it to React Native with help of native modules.

React Native - Using iOS and Android SDKs

I just started using React Native a few days ago and want to build my next iOS/Android app with it. However, I had a question (and I apologize in advance if this question is very basic).
If I am integrating my iOS and Android apps built with React Native, with an external service (like Salesforce for example), how do I go about using the native mobile SDKs they provide for iOS and Android? As in, what do I do to integrate those SDKs into my React Native app? Those SDKs are using native Objective-C and Java code, so how would I be able to use the JS code for React Native? I believe my understanding about this is skewed.
I looked at this link which goes into it, but it seemed very confusing and I had a bit of a hard time grasping the concept (again, I am very new to this - I've done a lot of web development, hence turning my attention to React Native, but I've done no mobile development whatsoever).
If someone could please explain how that works, and point me in the right direction where I can read and learn more, I would sincerely appreciate that!
Thank you!
Checkout out this talk on SalesForce mobile SDK for React native
Official SalesForce Docs - Read Here
Also this tutorial might help you.
There are react native packages build by open react native community if you couldn't find anything to access native iOS or android functionality you will have to write react native wrapper yourself using react native "Native Modules"
Native Modules