Excel 2016: Cant Open Epplus lib [on hold] - asp.net

I create an Excel file with Epplus, it is a simple grid, but all clients with Ms Excel 2016 cant open it, because Excel go to crash, it open with Sheet of Google suite or previous versione of Excel.
Any idea how to fix it, managing Epplus or some feature on MS Excel 2016?


Migrating from VBA Excel 2003

I have a series of big excel files that work like a program, but I hate beeing tied up (stuck in VBA for excel 2003), so...
Whats the best way to implement a gui over a excel vba program (office 2003)? (are there any tools for that... I want to move away from the office suite, but still have it in the background)
Or what's the easiest alternative for migrating this code to a more open language.
Any ideias?
Have you looked at VSTO?
Resolver One is a Python spreadsheet system with strong support for importing from MS Excel. It's often used for the situation you describe.

asp.net - Generate Powerpoint file on the fly

I have a client of my web based application who heavily uses the data from our system for powerpoint presentations.
We currently allow data to export in more traditional file types...PDF, CSV, HTML, and a few others. Powerpoint doesn't seem to be really automated.
Is there a way, on the ASP.NET server side, to automate the creation and on-demand download of a powerpoint file format for a report from a system?
In this article, Steve suggests using Aspose's Slide application.
He also explains step by step on how to generate the PowerPoint file.
Here are some code excerpts (in VB):
Opening an existing PowerPoint file:
Dim fs As System.IO.FileStream = _
New System.IO.FileStream("c:\mypath\myfile.ppt", _
System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read)
Dim MyPres As Presentation = New Presentation(fs)
Looping the slides and outputting their template formats:
Dim slides As Slides = MyPres.Slides
For i As Integer = 0 To slides.Count - 1
Response.Write(MyPres.Slides(i).Layout.ToString + "<br>")
In his article, he describes more in detail on how to do it.
There's some documentation on MSDN about the OpenXML format that they're using:
Manipulating Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 Files with the Open XML Format API (Part 1 of 2)
Manipulating Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 Files with the Open XML Format API (Part 2 of 2)
Well you have two ways of really doing this, without third party tools. The first would be with Automation of PowerPoint, but that requires that your server have PowerPoint installed. The second is to utilize the new pptx file file format and generate the powerpoint document using XML.
I have found that the best way to get started on the XML side is to simply create a powerpoint that does what you want, then save it and look at the XML. You can also review the microsoft documentation. Overall working with the XML formats is pretty easy.
Lastly, there might be some third party items out there, but be careful that they don't require COM automation.
In regards to the previous poster, your statement is incorrect.
You really only have one option for server side ASP.NET automation of this process.
Use the open xml links mentioned by Ben in the original answer...
Manipulating Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 Files with the Open XML Format API (Part 1 of 2)
Manipulating Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 Files with the Open XML Format API (Part 2 of 2)
The reason for this is that server side automation of office is completely unsupported and is bad coding practise, running com automation servers that are designed for interactive usage in a non-interactive environment is a potential recipe for disaster.
so in summary use the open xml api and generate your pptx's.
There are also other third-party options similar to Aspose Slides, such as OfficeWriter's PowerPoint Writer.
I'm not exactly sure how Aspose Slides works, but with PowerPoint Writer you have an existing, formatted PowerPoint presentation with data markers in it, the you process it with PowerPoint Writer to replace the data markers with data. Here are some examples.
there is another method ,convert your power point presentation to images or xps(silver light presentation) and then use some sort of json(jquery) to show and download them.
i implement the images and xps silver light presentation in my web application

How do I get to use the download excel for my interactive reports?

I am currently using apex 18.2 for my reports which downloads in csv format ok but I know now that 18.2 has the excel format in which the reports can be downloaded in. So how do I get to download in excel in APEX 18.2?
I have already turned on the excel option in the attributes tab. The excel format does not even show up in the download options.
I would like to be able to download in excel format using the APEX 18.2 functionality.
Not sure you can, but you do know .csv can be opened with excel.
Or you could try Apex Office Print, or even https://menn.ooo/interactive-grid-download-as-pdf-with-jspdf/
Hope this helps
The download link to Excel in Oracle APEX 19.1 or earlier becomes available when you have BI Publisher configured.
However, I would recommend looking at APEX Office Print (AOP), which is the easiest way to do export to Excel, PDF and much more. With AOP you will get your Interactive Report in Excel exactly as you have it on the screen and it allows you to export multiple interactive reports, grids, classic report, actually any region. AOP comes with an APEX Plug-in and PL/SQL API.
You can use Jasper Server
Check this post

how to export data from aspxgridview into MS Excel 2007

I am using the devexpress grid view in my project and also the exporter tool of devexpress, but that doesnot support exporting file to MS Excel 2007 format.
Can anybody know any other method through with data can be exported to MS Excel 2007 format.
This is must as there are over a lac record in the grid and only MS Excel 2007 can be used.
This guide works quite well:

Programme Crystal Report Viewer using Access Vba

I have a bunch of crystal reports that I am opening using SAP Crystal Reports Viewer 2013 Version I need to convert the reports into excel so that they can be manipulated/worked with. I can do this by exporting each individual report to excel. However, this is time consuming because there are many reports to work with.
I had thought of programming this using access VBA (access 2013). I think I have found the library file to connect VBA to Crystal Report Viewer - CRJNI.dll However, it is not an available reference within VBA and I cannot browse to it.
Has anyone attempted this before? Is it possible to do this? Note that the original reports are all in .rpt format and I don't have the option to have the data exported to me in .xls
Thanks in advance.