why clear cache solve “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”? - google-chrome

I got un error "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" while refresh my application local, after search on google, I've got un solution who recommends to clear the browser's data such as cache files and that works.
However, there is no explanation about why that works and why the cache cause the errors so that I could avoid this next time.
Thanks for help

Hard to tell without any code.
If data is cached and you refresh the page, the cached content will stay after the refresh causing an error.
Try using Shift + F5 / Ctrl + Shift + R to refresh page, ignoring cached content
(Cmd + Shift + R for Mac)


Page not displaying properly until refresh [closed]

On my site, the page displays incorrectly in most browsers until you refresh it. THe website is: http://www.hqinternetsolutions.com/services.html
I dont know why it is displaying in this fashion and then it fixes itself on refresh (even without clearing cache)
It is a series of divs floated to the left with margin. Any idea?
The site looks consistent for me in IE in Windows and Firefox on Mac...
Depending on what browser and operating system your using, I recommend that you always HARD-REFRESH as it ensures that your always downloading the most recent styles/scripts/etc.
To perform a hard-refresh (instead of a regular refresh):
In Windows on Internet Explorer of Firefox: CTRL + F5
In OS X on Firefox: CMD + SHIFT + R
I also believe that you can also CMD + Click (or CTRL + Click) the Refresh button in your browser to achieve the same thing.
If you wanted to disable your cache temporarily...
You could also EASILY disable caching so that all page loads will grab the newest content (granted your using up bandwidth when you hard refresh).
I find the quickest and easiest way to disable cache is by using the Firefox Add-on Developer Toolbar:
Hope that helps!
Nothing personal, but I would like to correct the misconception that "Refreshing forces a re-load of everything even if it was in cache." I wish that were true! I could have saved hours and hours of debugging had I learned earlier that it did not force a full page refresh when you press F5
As you can see from the net tab of firebug here on xkcd AFTER a F5, GET grownups.png returns a 304 or "Not Modified" status. This instructs the browser to use the cached version on the users local machine because on the server it has not been modified. Most images, many scripts, css, static html files, and other mime types are cached on the clients machine, and are never re-downloaded - even when your press F5
To truly "refresh" the a page, you need to clear your cache by pressing CTR-SHFT-DLT, or other browser shortcuts that you may have.
Refreshing forces a re-load of everything even if it was in cache.
I have no idea what 'wrong' looks like but when I went to your site & refreshed several times it looked the same very time.
Possibly it's a local issue, caused by caching of CSS/images and so forth, and the browser using the cached files rather than loading the new? I have to confess that on viewing, it looks identical to me regardless of the number of refreshes.

Chrome Refuses to Clear Javascript Cache (Even After Hard Reload and Manual Cache Clear)

Like the title says, Google Chrome refuses to load newer versions of a Javascript file.
I've tried:
Ctrl + F5
Dev Console > Network Tab > Disable Cache
Disable Cache, Then With Dev Console Still Open Right Click Refresh > Empty Cache and Hard Reload
Disable Cache, Then With Dev Console Still Open Ctrl + F5
Chrome Settings > Manually Delete All Cache From Beginning Of Time, Then Ctrl + F5
Basically everything listed here: Chrome WON'T clear cache... ctrl + F5 doesn't seem to work either
None of this worked. The sources panel still shows that the old Javascript file was being loaded. The absolutely mind-boggling thing is that when I right click the file in the sources panel and then select open in new tab, the updated file opens in a new tab, but then refreshing the page still brings up the old file in the sources panel of dev console.
The only thing that has gotten Chrome to work for me is to manually append ? and a random number at the end of the file name. That seems to force Chrome to actually load the new file. As of now, I've been using PHP to add a
<script type="text/javascript" src="file.js<?php echo '?' . rand(); ?>"></script>
in order to get anything to load correctly in Chrome, but this seems like a terrible solution.
My question is, How do I get Chrome to actually reload Javascript files from the server instead of the cache?

F5 in Chrome does not refresh css anymore

I use chrome since beginning. Always it was possible for me to use f5 or browser refresh to load all files new (status code 200). Since this saturday I have to open the developer tools to make this work or I have to press ctrl + f5. How can I force with "just" f5 to download all the files new?
thank you
You need to do a hard refresh. Do this by Ctrl and F5. That should work

How to preserve snippets stored in Chrome dev tools upon clearing browsing data

Whenever I clear browsing data (Ctrl + Shift + Del), all my snippets (Sources tab) stored inside Chrome Dev tools gets deleted. I have to recreate them.
I don't want this to happen, as long as I don't clear them myself.
How to preserve them indefinitely?
When you deleting your browsing data you can uncheck Cookies and other site and plugin data checkbox:

How can I force the Chrome browser to disable an extension by reloading it too frequently?

I'm using a managed C720 Chromebook. Developer mode and most things of that nature are disabled. Web filtering is enabled from the "Chromium M" extension. When I restarted my device, the extension was automatically disabled because "This extension reloaded itself too frequently".
Is it possible for me to recreate the circumstances that lead to that happening?
Yes, you can, there is a way:
1) You can try and do developer mode, and keep spamming CTRL + D + Forward Button.
2) Login normally, but keep on spamming those buttons, then change to like a guest wifi, or a slow one then CTRL + SHFT + BACKSPACE, and delete your history, and that should be it, if it doesnt work the first time it should work the second time.
go to chrome://inspect/#extensions
click on inspect under the chromium m extension
go to the console tab
type close(window)