How do I link my working directory to a figpath? - working-directory

I'm trying to create a wordcloud using a specific image ( The twitter logo) but I'm having trouble with linking my working directory to a figpath. I've installled the correct package (Knitr) but I'm unsure of the code needed for this to work.
I've tried changing the location of the working directory so it is located in the file location of where my image is saved.
wordcloud2(demoFreq, figPath = "examples.jpg")
Error in wordcloud2(demoFreq, figPath = "examples.jpg") :
cannot find fig in the figPath


Using LightBox in ASP.NET master pages

I am using LightBox v2.0.4 with master pages on a web site and am having problems with the loading.gif and closelabel.gif images appearing. I have content pages residing in folders that are 3 layers in from the root, their master page is 2 layers in from root, images in question are in ~/images/, and the javascript files are in ~/js/. e.g.:
I have tried changing the path to the images in the lightbox.js script file to ~/images/loading.gif and ~/images/closelabel.gif, but that didn't work. I have been digging around the 'net via Google and haven't found any answers ... does anyone here know what the problem is?
You can't use ~/images...etc in the .js files. You have to use the path relative to your .js file location.
try referencing these images by full path from the domain root starting with / (e.g. '/images/loading.gif') without ~ but with starting slash.
Check the paths to these two files in the lightbox.js file:
// Configuration
var fileLoadingImage = "images/loading.gif";
var fileBottomNavCloseImage = "images/closelabel.gif";
And make sure that the master page is referencing the js files correctly - last time I got this correct in the master page, VS was showing the red squiglies, but it was working :-)

how to properly display the image coming from an image folder of a module in Yii 1.x?

i have to display a png file as a deleteButtonImageUrl. my problem now is, the image is inside an image directory of the current module. so the structure is like this
how to get that image to display it ?
I already tried
deleteButtonImageUrl' => Yii::app()->basePath.'mymodule/assets/img/admin/thePicture.png',
doesn't work.
I also tried
'deleteButtonImageUrl' => Yii::getPathOfAlias('modules/mymodule/assets/image/admin/').'thePicture.png'
but still doesn't work. so how?
try using Yii::app()->baseUrl
deleteButtonImageUrl' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'mymodule/assets/img/admin/thePicture.png',
deleteButtonImageUrl' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/mymodule/assets/img/admin/thePicture.png',

Responsive filemanager in tinymce, directory settings

I'm using this file manager for file upload in tinymce.
File Manager
Having some problem with the directory. I'm using tinymce 4.
My filemanager folder is in "localhost/BAD/" directory,
I have a file named about.php which is in "localhost/BAD/admin/" directory. Now I can upload image and see from that about.php file. My settings of tinymce is
filemanager_title:"Filemanager" ,
external_plugins: { "filemanager" : "filemanager/plugin.min.js"}**
And my cofig.php file settings are
$upload_dir = '/BAD/source/';
$current_path = '../source/';
$thumbs_base_path = '../thumbs/';
After uploading image and selecting,it shows a path in the image source box as "../source/eng.jpg" and saved that into database.
But I want to access this image from "localhost/BAD/" directory NOT "localhost/BAD/admin/". It starts to find the source file on 'localhost', Not in 'localhost/BAD'
I tried some changes but not working. How can I save the source link as "source/eng.jpg" instead of "../source/eng.jpg" or is there any way to save the image from one directory and access it from previous level directory?
In tinymce init:
filemanager_title:"Filemanager" ,
external_plugins: { "filemanager" : "/BAD/filemanager/plugin.min.js"}
and in config.php
$upload_dir = '/BAD/source/';
$current_path = '../source/';
$thumbs_base_path = '../thumbs/';

Jade access images from parent directory

I've got a big problem with Jade. Starting with my folder structure:
---asdq (<-- the users directories; asdq is just a test user)
----jellyfish.jpg (<-- the image; also just a test)
So I'm working on a cloud-like service and I'm trying to show the images from here "/asdq/jellyfish.jpg" on the website which is in "/www/member.jade". So what did I allready tried?
Relative path: From node I passed the image path "../asdq/jellyfish.jpg" (and several variations of this like "../public" "/../../" etc.) which ends up Jade trying to find the folder "asdq" in "www". --> Nothing found no image displayed.
Absolute path: From node I passed the image path "C:/Users/Me/Desktop/ProjectX/public/asdq/jellyfish.jpg" which ends up Jade not even trying to find the picture. The node console logs no get for the image. --> No image displayed.
Changing the static folder in my app to "/public/www" and then starting with 1 and 2 again. Which ends up pretty the same way as before.
Btw. the passed paths are made dynamically as "usedirs" is just a placeholder for all the directories which users are able to create.
The big question is: How can I access the images which are in the parent's subfolder ? I'm going crazy on this problem as my researches allways ended up with : "Use '/.../' or '../' to gain access to the parent directories." And this just won't work ...
I hope you can help. Thanks.

How to pass the Local file path for css/js file in jquery mobile?

I am new to jquery.
In my application i am using checkbox.for a check box i am using the css file url as follows:
now the problem is if the internet is not available then checkbox style(normal image and selected image)is not coming.
so i create one file named with "" by copying data from
i am replacing the above url with my file as follows :
but checkbox styles(normal image and selected image) are not coming.
Your local adressess should look like this:
I am assuming that you are using asset/www folder, or building your app with PhoneGap. Try adding your CSS file like this:
If you want your app to work offline you should remember to add:
<script src="file:///android_asset/www/jquery-1.6.4.min.js"></script>
<script src="file:///android_asset/www/"></script>
Remember to place your files in asset/www folder, otherwise it will not work.