CSS color difference between Browsers - html

I know about the Color Rendering Difference between Browsers https://css-tricks.com/color-rendering-difference-firefox-vs-safari/ when they render images with color profiles embedded, and yeh I understand that everyone has differently calibrated monitors.
But how can you explain the screenshot below?
It's simply a full width div with very basic CSS
.div.top-nav{width: 100vw; height: 50px; background-color: rgb(62,75,43);}
Why does Firefox display a different color value than Chrome?

Restarting Chrome:
Chrome can displays the colours incorrectly when you change to a monitor that's different from what was used when Chrome was started.
Its an color profile issue
Chrome :
Also maybe try force color profile to sRGB in chrome://flags
Firefox :
You can also change the behavior of Firefox by going to the url: about:config, in Firefox ,then find gfx.color_management.mode setting and changing it to 1 or 0 as the default is 2.
Safari :
Safari has access to your monitor's ICC profile that it will use it to provide the best correspondence in sRGB.
There is no setting in Safari to make it behave like others.
'On mac, you can check it with the DigitalColor Meter utility you've got in you Apps > Utilities. Set it to Display in sRGB to see the colors measured. Safari will always display the correct sRGB color, while Chrome and Firefox will be off with an non standard sRGB color profile.
If you set your monitor's color profile to an standard sRGB one, then all browsers will show the correct values.' #Kaiido


color difference in safari, chrome, Firefox

Can anyone explain, why am I seeing colour difference for hexcode #49287c (or rgb(73,40,124)) in Chrome, Firefox and Safari?
Does it have to do anything with colour profiles, as described here?
PS - Below screenshots produced on macOS using Chrome, Firefox, Safari with help of https://www.webpagefx.com/web-design/hex-to-rgb/
This is a color profile issue. The behavior you are seeing is consistent with firefox not assuming hex colors are sRGB, which is the behavior of Safari.
Firefox has a preference, gfx.color_management.mode that determines how it handles colors. It can have the following values:
1: Color management disabled. (Default in Firefox 3.)
2: Full color management
3: Color management applied only to tagged images. (Default in Firefox 3.5.)
Settings 1 and 3 won't treat hex colors like sRGB which is how Safari treats them. It will instead just send them to the video card and the colors will be shown in the monitor space.
You can change the behavior of Firefox by going to the url: about:config, finding the gfx.color_management.mode setting and changing it to 1.
This should make the colors match much better.

sRGB and cross browser color differences

As you probably know colors show differently across browsers and whether its CSS or some image. After doing some research it appears that Sketch, Firefox and Chrome (I am on OSX Yosemite) use the sRGB profile. Safari and the Finder seem to use something else and the colors are quire different. I am trying to establish some consistency across my workspace.
My understanding is that Safari defaults to the OS color profile which is "Color LCD". Switching to sRGB (both the one I have in the Displays > Colors list as well as one I downloaded) result in super blued/washed out colors.
How can I get Safari to use sRGB? or I am incorrect that this is the issue? Part of my current challenges is coming up with a CSS color palette for a client but I have no idea which browser is more "correct" - I am assuming my assumption to use sRGB and that Safari does not is correct but perhaps not?

Color rendering differents in Firefox and Chrome

I want to capture screenshots of a website in different browsers and have assumptions about parts of the website having a specific color (I set it to red beforehand).
However, when I compare the screenshots in Firefox and Chrome looking at them in an image application I can see that indeed, in Chrome the color of the element is #FF0000 whereas in Firefox it is #FC0D1B.
I assume it has something to do with color profiles so I went to Firefox about:config and changed gfx.color_management.mode from 1 to 0. I tried every possible value but there was no difference.
Can't I simply deactivate the color correction or somehow achieve the same result like in Chrome?
It is very important for me that the element is actually #FF0000 because I look for elements with exactly that color with zero threshold.
Here is a very simple jsfiddle where this also happens (only in Firefox).
I just set background-color:red https://jsfiddle.net/don1savx/ .
I am using a Macbook Pro 13" 2013. My profile in Preferences -> Displays is set to Color LCD (at least I think this is what it's called in English)
I could not reproduce the issue. Creating an element with background color #FF0000 in firefox screenshot paste in photoshop gave me a color of #FF0000.
There are two ways that Firefox could change your colors. Either a text preference or a theme.
I'm on a macbook pro running the latest version of firefox with no add-ons.

Images Have Strange Tint Only in Firefox

I am having an issue with Firefox rendering a few of the .png's that I have loaded into a Wordpress blog that I am preparing for a client. The images look fine in IE 8 & 9, and chrome, but it looks very off in Mozilla. I was informed by our other UX guy that Firefox complies with embedded color profiles that may warp the tint of your image. You can view the tint shift by going to :
If anybody has any idea of how to over ride the color profile, I'd definitely appreciate the heads up!
Here is an image that shows the difference that I am seeing.
alt http://s11.postimage.org/jbnzek4g3/color_embed.jpg
The difference in rendering is due to an ICC color profile embedded in the image. When Firefox finds a color profile it will combine it with the color profile of the display and adjust image rendering accordingly. This will normally make sure that the image is displayed the same on different displays. However, it might also cause undesired effects if the display profile is incorrect.
At least Windows 7 allows you to calibrate display colors. Not sure whether this feature was also present in earlier Windows versions but they definitely allowed selecting a color profile file in the advanced display settings - you could replace the driver-supplied profile by sRGB.
If you absolutely don't want different image display on different computers then you should just remove the color profile from the image with a tool like jStrip and pngcrush.

Chrome renders colours differently from Safari and Firefox

Chrome renders #FF3A00 as #FF0000 for some reason. I included a screenshot from jsfiddle to illustrate the point. The colour that the Color Meter reports (and what I see) differs from what CSS says.
This happens to other colours too. For example, #FFAF00 is rendered as #FFA400 according to the Color Meter.
However, the colours are rendered without problems on Safari and Firefox. I'm on a Mac using Chrome 11, Safari 5 and Firefox 5.
I'm sure there's a logical explanation. Any ideas?
Update: I'm attaching a screenshot of Chrome next to Safari showing the very same page. I checked this image in Photoshop: the colours are #F00 in Chrome and #FF3A00 in Safari.
I recently posted a similar question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6338077/google-chrome-for-mac-css-colors-and-display-profiles
As Andrew Marshall answered there, this is a known issue: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=44872
Ok, as it turned out, I needed to restart my Chrome. I often connect my macbook air to a 24 inch monitor. It looks like Chrome displays the colours incorrectly when I change to a monitor that's different from what was used when Chrome was started.
I found the answer on the Google Help forum : "I should mention that in OS X, every time you change your monitor or monitor profile (e.g. if you switch from your laptop display to your external display), you MUST restart Chrome for it to get the proper monitor profile information from the OS."
By default both Firefox and Safari use the sRGB color profile. You must do the same, if your Google Chrome takes a different color profile as default.
Access at Chrome: chrome://flags/#force-color-profile
Change Force color profile to "sRGB".
Relaunch your browser and testify the rendered colors now.
Mac has color correction set up for your monitor. Your browser may or may not use color correction for web content/images depending on its setup. Your color picker reports what your OS thinks it is rendering. Your browser may report something else.
Color on computers. Something many of us take for granted but never bothered to understand how it is rendered.
Chrome color picker works by taking color from current monitor color profile,and the problem may happens by changing color setting or sometime change monitor, please check the below method to solve.
Go to chrome://flags/#force-color-profile and click Reset all to default
Had this problem with Chrome (Lubuntu) when exporting a PNG in Photoshop. Solution: File -> Save As -> Uncheck "ICC Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)".
I changed the Colour Profile in OS X and that sorted it for me.
See the screenshots below using different Color Profile. Note, in the screenshots I'm trying to differentiate between #ff00ff, #ff1aff, #ff33ff and #ff4dff. It's only when I don't choose the default OS X colour profile that I can differentiate the colours correctly.
Default colour profile:
With a different colour profile:
From: CSS colors on OS X displaying correctly in Firefox but incorrectly in Safari and Chrome (potentially 'solved')
I found Safari and Chrome could not differentiate between #ff00ff, #ff1aff, #ff33ff and #ff4dff. But Firefox could. In addition Inkscape, an X11 app, could. But Gimp and Libreoffice Writer, non X11 apps, could not. Firefox and X11 apps seem to be using their own colour profile somehow.
I have no idea why Mac defaults to Color LCD profile which does not do this differentiation amongst others.